Our Story

Exterior Night

Our story begins after the successful launch of the Rainey Street entertainment district with the landmark Lustre Pearl and Clive Bar.  Bridget Dunlap set her sights on a different type of place, a sports-friendly bar. As Dunlap puts it, “I don’t want to call it strictly a sports bar, because that is too one-dimensional and not the kind of establishment I like spending time in. To me, ‘sports bar’ conjures up a specific look and feel: dim lighting, stale air, a garish clutter of neon signs and sports paraphernalia everywhere, and full of dudes. Don’t get me wrong; that is exactly some people’s idea of the perfect hangout. Not mine.”

Dunlap wanted to make Bar 96 an environment that maintained the same laid-back, breezy, and fresh vibe that was now starting to define the Rainey Street area and her signature style, the same vibe that set it apart from other entertainment zones: easygoing spaces with huge patios, lots of natural light, great service, and a cool, modern feel. In short, she wanted a sports-friendly bar that she would enjoy hanging out in, one that included activities plus visual and social appeal for those (perhaps) less devoted sports fans, but one that had numerous, well-placed TV screens to offer the devotee a great view from nearly any seat in the house.

Finally, she consulted with the design/construction team that carried out her vision at Lustre Pearl and Clive and went to town creating the inviting Bar 96 and its wraparound patio, adding on a back area complete with artificial grass, a food truck option, picnic tables, and cornhole games. Come see us! We love it here and think you will, too.